Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Challenges coming to me.

Sometime i think by myself is it couple life suitable for me or single life suitable for me. Although the guy treated me good but a relationship not only involve two person it need to involve our family member and friends. I felt like very uncomfortable with this situation. I want everything completely. But there are many problem that I need to face it by myself no one understand my problem. In my study part i think should be well but my family member how am i going to face them ! Sometime they said this good sometime they said that bad it doesnt gives me a guide just bring me a big problem. I want a family which is can guide me and not problem or scolding me or lecture me. Since i was small until now i was 20 years old my family member less give me support they always think i cant do it well and incompletely. It not fair to me as a 20 years old girl. They always say i change. DO THEY KNOW WHY I CHANFGE !!! I think they do not know. What to do this is my life I need to face it also. Luckily, my life now has someone really understand me but not much . So as well as I am still living in this world I need to face all the problem that i meet in my future.

Someone came to my life

Year 2008 December 2008 , someone has came to my life and I found my life become more cheerful and happily. I know him through network but I heard some people said love through network will not long lasting. I can really show you that the fact is wrong. This guy came to find me when he start to know me and interested to me. His hometown was in perak but study at perlis who willing came to my hometown seremban to meet me which is take 9 hours. I was very appreciated what he did to me . Because of we know in the internet I got abit of scare of he is trying to lie on me. But fornately he is not and he bring me a big change in my life. I think he is the one i found in my life. As a human being we can't predict the future so let see what will happen next.... For now we are still mantain our life which is living happily. I hope we have a bright future.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Different cultural have their different food or cuisines" Malay dishes"

On 1th of oktober my mum cook this delicious rendang ayam. In the same time 1th oktober 2008 is our raya celebration for those muslim in malaysia. Rendang ayam is one of malays dishes. They will cook rendang ayam during every raya celebration. They will buy all the rendang ayam material before the day of raya celebration. They will cook it during the day before syawal arrive. There are also many type of food they will be such as lemang, nasi kunyit, and others. As i know the muslim will cook their dishes according their state. Malays cuisines are very interesting to know. Although is spicy but is it very delicious to eat. Let try more for those who are not muslim.

The right side after the rendang chickenis call nasi impit/ nasi ketupat .It is one of the malays dishes. There are two differents to cook the nasi ketupat one is traditional way and one is modern way. For traditional they will use the "daun palas' to wrap the rice inside it and that is call nasi ketupat while for modern way they will just buy the nasi who had been ready inside the plastic. Just use rice cooker to cook it and it is call nasi impit. I think this is what i know * if got any mistake hope you all can leave comments to it

This is call kuah kacang and it also one of the malays dishes. It is eat with nasi ketupat , nasi impit and nasi kunyit. Wow !! It is very delicious to eat and is my favourite diches. The main material is peanut. Before we cook we need to blend the peanut so that it is easy to eat while eat with nasi ketupat.

This is call bubur lambur. Every bulan ramadhan our muslim friends will cook this bubur lambur as their desert. This type of desert is very different than other. Actually I tried this desert long long ago but I forgot the taste. On 24 of October 2008, I had been joined this activities to cook this bubur lambur. Is very interesting when we cook this bubur lambur. It need much time to complete this desert. Almost spend 10 hours in cooking this desert. It is my first experience in cooking bubur lambur.

Wearing a mask ....

What is life ? Life is full of chanllenging . Sometimes we are happy sometimes we are sad in our life. To lives in this community or society we need to always understand and tolerate with the people so that we can made our work more easy. But as we know in this world there are many different of people in many chateristics. Why this happen? Maybe they grow in different environment and different family. We cannot judge them whether they are right or not. We need to understand them.Are they understand us? For my side i think they want me to understand them and they didnt even consider people feelings. Why it is happen ? Therefore , we need find some way to handle them, if not we are very difficult to live in this colourful. The way that had been suggested by my friend is wear mask while communicate with them. Dont even pleased them, let them what they do to you. Is difficult when we change our environment in sudden. Sometimes we cant easy to adopt the environment. So why not just wear mask during the time we communicate or we live together! This can help us to habdle this type of person.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

three months everything gone....

Three months before i get everything i want, after three months all gone. But luckily i still got my family. i think i having bad mental problem. every night i cry. everyday i hate myself, everyday i hate people. what happen with me ???? issit i got mental problem ? issit i need to get help from counselor or pyscholgy? help!!!! i really do not know what happen with me. No one understand what i want !!! My life is very difficult, i do not know what to do next.....

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I was a person who always lack of confidence. Last two month there was someting happened in my life that I cant forget in my rest of my life. That was a camp at taiping and I was reppresentative student council to attend the camp. There was a section who we need to give 8 minutes speech. I have totally ready my mind to give the speech but unfortunately i failed in doing that. I try my best but i cant even come out my words although i had ready my speech. It is because i saw many and my friends are better than me. After that one of the lecturers asked me some question "Do you like childrens? " " why you want to become a teacher?" I cant control my feeling , I cry out and i told the lecturer i dont like be a teacher it is a force to me from my my parent, but i like children.My friends and the lecturer shocked when i said i dont like be a teacher. They are the one who i told that i dont like to be teacher. The lecturer tried to advice me and my friends try to cool down.And the lecturer called me not to think negative and try to think in positive and said " Everyone in our life is all the same, the matter is we want to do or want to work out or not. After i listened to that advice I felt better and I try to cry as loud as possilble to relax my mind and my strain. Actually these was a challenges for me. After the incident, i try to think prositive and try to built up my self confidence. I try come out to speech infront of my friends. I still got a little lack of confidence. But i am trying to do my best to achive my goal. I want be a good teacher, confidence, can gain the students' knowledge and moral values. I want my evreyone of my student excels in Moral Values. I will try my best to work out for it and try to face the obstacles.

Friend that hurt me badly ....

Two days ago there was something had happened in my life. I was so sad and upset. Someone had hurt me badly till i feel i was lost all my confidence. Fortunately i always think God will be with me. One of my friend is a person who has high confidence and like to comparing with each other. He hurt me badly and he was too disgusting. He always thought he is the best amongst the class but he is not. As i said everyone is the same ,the different is we are lazy or hardworking. Everyone has their own good and bad personalities and charateristics. So, why we want to compare. I still remember my teacher told me " if you want to versus the people the first person you want to versus is yourslef. As well as we are a teacher we need to be more mature in thinking and always be profesional. Dont try to hurt people and compare with people is not good for the people who have religion. As well as God said we need to be humble although you aresuccess. I am very sure everyone has their own religion and they will have same concept with it. So try to work out with something that is positive in our life.